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I was born in Murray, Utah, and was raised and lived the majority of my life in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Although I planned on living out the rest of my life in that area, work caused me to have to move to South Florida in 1990. I became an active member of San Isidro Catholic Church in Pompano Beach immediately after coming to Florida. The idea of having to move away from family and loved ones was at first disturbing, but having found a community of loving Christians at San Isidro, and coming to understand that God would take care of me, wherever I was, made the transition easier to bear.

I became close friends to a lady by the name of Carol around a year after moving there, and shared many beautiful memories over the years, until she passed away in December 2000 from breast cancer. Then God did something awesome in my life in December of 2001, and brought me together through the aid of the Internet, with a beautiful young lady from India. We corresponded for 6 months before I made my first major trip abroad, (other than the Bahamas) to finally meet her face to face. While I was there, I married her! Her name is Anitha. You can view the whole cyber romance story on that page.

I am a committed Christian, and I attempt to follow the will of God in all that I do. Iím certainly not perfect, for God is still working on me. But I attempt to allow God to use me in whatever way He can. After coming to Florida, I took up a new interest in photography. I gradually added more and more cameras and lenses to my pile of toys, and along with it, have grown in my awareness and abilities to compose and shoot pictures. I feel that I gain much knowledge from the viewing of other photographerís works. Some of my favorite photography is nature and wildlife. I also enjoy family and child portraiture. I canít help but see the beauty of the master artisanís work in nature, as well as in the face of a child. So one of the primary purposes of this web site is to celebrate, and rejoice in the beauty of Godís creation. I have attempted to portray some of that beauty in my pictures.

In addition to photography, I have a interest in scuba diving and underwater photography, as evidenced from my underwater section. Again, the beauty of God's creation is seen in the underwater environment. And besides that, I am also a car enthusiast. Over the years, I have taken the time to build my Supercharged Mustang Cobra seen below to what it is now. It has over 500 rear wheel horsepower, and does give a nice thrust against the seat back. I have taken it to a good number of local car shows, and it has a reasonably good win ratio. Doesn't win them all, but does well. I used to take it occasionally to Moroso Motor Sports Park, but after blowing the engine a few years ago, I don't go very often. Too expensive. However, the last time I took it, it did get down into the 11's (quarter mile time).

Photo of J. David Anderson

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