This Christmas play was done at the Christmas of 2002 Mass at San Isidro Catholic Church in Pompano Beach, Florida. It was written and directed by Karen Pendjer, and she did a wonderful job. Karen has told me that the script is available to any church or youth group that would like to use it. The children were a delight. The Mass and homily was from the inspiration given to Fr. Alberto Cutie, Administrator of San Isidro.

D002 Shepherds: Ludmilla, Steve, Vanessa, Nathan (41838 bytes)

02 Shepherds

D003 Shepherds: Ludmilla, Steve, Vanessa (44996 bytes)

03 Shepherds

D018 Herod: Ashley, Kings: Paul, Danny, Nelson (57421 bytes)

18 Herod & Kings

D019 3 Kings (45035 bytes)

19 3 Kings

D022 Jesus (Sara), Mary (Julissa), Joseph (Mark), Angels: Gizelle, Beatrice, Danielle (42001 bytes)

22 Nativity

D009 Christina (39963 bytes)

09 Christina

D011 Anessa (33510 bytes)

11 Dancer

D012 Anessa (31099 bytes)

12 Dancer

D014 Jessica (32818 bytes)

14 Jessica

D016 Timarie (15388 bytes)

16 Timarie

D024 Baby Jesus (Sara) (43359 bytes)

24 Baby Jesus

D025 Mary (Julissa), Jesus (Sara), Angel (Gizelle) (47015 bytes)

25 Mary, Jesus, Angel

D033 Jesus (Sara), Joseph (Mark), Mary (Julissa), Angels: Gizelle, Beatrice, Danielle (41230 bytes)

33 Holy Family, Angels

D037 King's Homage (Steven) (40701 bytes)

37 King's Homage

D038 Shepherds: Vanessa, Ludmilla, Elain, Pamela, Nathan, David (40952 bytes)

38 Shepherd's visit

D039 Shepherds: Pamela, David, Ludmilla, Elaine, Vanessa, Steve (39918 bytes)

39 Shepherds

D044 Baby Jesus (Sara) (42639 bytes)

44 Baby Jesus

D045 King's gift (38844 bytes)

45 King's gift

D048 King's homage (38458 bytes)

48 King's homage

D055 Crown him (36539 bytes)

55 Crown him

D023 Mary (Julissa) & Jesus (Sara) (45895 bytes)

23 Mary & Jesus

D029 Mary (Julissa), Jesus (Sara), Angel (Gizelle) (43882 bytes)

29 Holy Family, Angel

D050 Angel: Beatrice (36956 bytes)

50 Angel

D053 Angels (41803 bytes)

53 Angels

D057 Robert & Karen (35752 bytes)

57 Robert & Karen


D060 Fr. Albert & children (42536 bytes)

60 Fr. Albert & kids

D061 Children (43555 bytes)

61 Children

D063 Offetory (44681 bytes)

63 Offetory