The Respect Life Office, Arch Diocese of Miami, co-hosted with the Miami Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women and the Office of Youth Ministry, Archdiocese of Miami, presented our first annual Chastity Day. Our views were given to Catholic Schools that all met at three different high schools on February 11, 12, and 13, 2003. This page shows the events that happened on February 11th at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. All were 8th graders coming from the following schools: All Saints, Annunciation, St. Stephen, Little Flower, Nativity, St. Ambrose, St. Bernadette, St. Malachy, St. Bartholomew, St. Bonaventure, St. Jerome, St. Lawrence, St. Helen, and St. John the Apostle. The total students that day was 509, with a total of 1476 students over the course of the 3 day event. This presentation was to put forth the views that so often differ from what the world is telling them. The theme on the sticker for each student said "I am worth waiting for." The presentation was about 4 hours long each day. The students seemed to really listen, and receive the good message we were telling them.

Word of God, Teach us the Wisdom of Love (56804 bytes)

The Word of God: The Wisdom of Love

St. Thomas Aquinas High School (40855 bytes)

St. Thomas Aquinas High School

ST055: Self Respect: Angela, Danielle, Andres (40983 bytes)

Angela 055

ST064: Self Respect: Susie, Danielle, Andres, Angela (45619 bytes)

Angela 064

ST092: Anna & students (50228 bytes)

Anna 092

ST095: Anna & students (47716 bytes)

Anna 095

ST096: Anna & students (49554 bytes)

Anna 096

ST111: Anna & students (50119 bytes)

Anna 111

ST127: Anna & students (53625 bytes)

Anna 127

ST012: Students (52903 bytes)

Audience 012

ST013: Students (52302 bytes)

Audience 013

ST014: Students (57143 bytes)

Audience 014

ST050: Students doing dance? (51638 bytes)

Audience 050

ST082: Students having too much fun? (45484 bytes)

Audience 082

ST109: Students (43029 bytes)

Audience 109

ST119: Students (41333 bytes)

Audience 119

ST071: Colleen & students (43891 bytes)

Colleen 071


ST038: Barbara (36739 bytes)

Barbara 038

ST039: Barbara (30881 bytes)

Barbara 039

ST042: Barbara (29861 bytes)

Barbara 042


ST073: Colleen (40224 bytes)

Colleen 073

ST087: Colleen (34681 bytes)

Colleen 087

ST114: Debbie (34991 bytes)

Debbie 114

ST107: Lilly (38106 bytes)

Lilly 107

ST015: Francis the MC (37371 bytes)

Francis 015

ST074: Colleen & students (50573 bytes)

Colleen 074

ST080 Colleen & student (44151 bytes)

Colleen 080

ST067: Francis the MC & students (45554 bytes)

Francis 067

ST010: Greeters to welcome students (48008 bytes)

Greeters 010

ST021: Ice breakers (44850 bytes)

Ice Breakers 021

ST023: Ice breakers (39595 bytes)

Ice Breakers 023

ST035: Ice breakers (41886 bytes)

Ice Breakers 035

ST057: Lilly & Debbie (36188 bytes)

Lilly & Debbie 057

ST097: Lilly & Gladys (39629 bytes)

Lilly & Gladys 097

ST011: Sr. Maria (38029 bytes)

Sr Maria 011


ST062: Sr. Maria & students (40483 bytes)

Sr. Maria 062

ST003: Respect Life Team: Francis, Barbara, David, Girrard, Joan (40668 bytes)

Team 003

ST007: Self Respect Team: Angela, David, Susie (42256 bytes)

Self Respect Team 007



ST044: Girrard (31257 bytes)

Girrard 044

ST098: Gladys (42447 bytes)

Gladys 098

ST120: Gladys (43068 bytes)

Gladys 120


ST024: Ice Breakers (44532 bytes)

Ice Breakers 024

ST027: Ice Breakers (42819 bytes)

Ice Breakers 027


ST029: Ice Breakers (43335 bytes)

Ice Breakers 029

ST030: Ice Breakers (40439 bytes)

Ice Breakers 030